'Simply breathtaking' | My favorite song had to be The Skies of South Dakota. Stacey Lorin's near acapella vocals were hauntingly beautiful. (Mike Smith, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

'Hearty meal for the ears and the soul'
| "Stacey Lorin...has such a lovely voice. The two of them are fine musicians, but, above all, each knows how to tell a story in song. A delightful performance. And I have the CD, so I can re-live the pleasure." (Joe, London Fringe Reviews, London, Ontario, June 19, 2011)

Joe's Cafe
at Theatre Aquarius Studio, Hamilton, Ontario, July 20, 2010
| "Rupert Wates... and Stacey Lorin, are all about as professional as it gets, with voices and momentum that project the story behind each varied offering... There was one offering sung acapella by soprano Lorin- chorus line …‘in South Dakota’, that left the audience so spellbound that applause was both hesitant and delayed. If you are a Folk fan, or even if you are not…this is a fast-moving one hour of accomplished entertainment." (Reviewer: Danny Gaisin - www.ontarioartsreview.ca)